Vrouwenmassage (female massage)

Vrouwenmassage (female massage) is tailored to women who want to treat themselves. Do you want to feel a full 100% feminine and attractive? Do you want to be touched respectfully and sensually? Do you want to feel the inner beauty of your body? That is what I want to give you!

It is all about your feelings and wishes: no obligations, everything goes. Some women just like a normal massage and some soft strokes. Others are more interested in the sensual dimension.

Whether you are 21 or 81, you are a valuable person who deserves to be around. Maybe you haven’t been touched for a long time in the way you want. Or the average massage doesn’t give you the pleasure you are looking for. Whatever your motivation, personality or physical appearance, I always work from Vrouwenmassage’s central values. These are respect, open communication and authenticity.

I call myself an erotic masseur and I have I nice place in Gouda where I can receive you. Do you feel safer with someone around? No problem, please invite a friend to ‘supervise’. If you want, there are also possibilities to enjoy massage together with your friend or partner. All the materials I use are ecologically sustainable, non-allergic and easily removable from both yourself and carpets or clothes.

Do you want to give another woman a treat like this? Vrouwenmassage has gift certificates. I bet your friend, sister, mother or colleague will first giggle a lot, but after consuming it, they will return grateful and enthusiastic.

Customers that are satisfied

As an expat I felt pretty lonely. The Dutch are nice enough, but it takes time to get settled in. Besides, Amersfoort is not the most exciting city of the world. After three months I decided to pick up the phone and try Vrouwenmassage. William came, I had a gorgeous time with him that evening and many evenings after that ...