How it Works

After the appointment is made and confirmed you are so welcome in my massage studio. There is the right atmosphere: music, light, smell. All your senses will come at ease.

Hygiene is essential, therefore I will ask you to take a shower prior to the massage. 

Next you will take place on the massage table. Just make yourself feel comfortable. We do not rush anything. You will be naked, but I have a towel to cover your intimate parts. I will wear shorts and a t-shirt.

The massage starts at your feet and legs. That way, your body can get used to my hands. Via your buttock we proceed towards your back, shoulders, neck and head. I will ask you to please turn around: it’s time to work your front. Again, we start with the feet and legs, work upwards to your stomach, breasts, neck and face. When you are all relaxed and ready, I can work my way back to your intimate parts. Enjoy the experience of being touched in an erotic, sensual way without any obligations. You know in advance that the indulgence will not result in any sexual activity. Besides: you are in charge, at this moment all that counts is your body, your experience, your joy.

The costs

An excellent massage, which covers your whole body, will last at least 1.5 hours.

Please ask me without any obligation for the price you have to pay. And reflect the benefit of this massage for you. 

Customers that are satisfied

As an expat I felt pretty lonely. The Dutch are nice enough, but it takes time to get settled in. Besides, Amersfoort is not the most exciting city of the world. After three months I decided to pick up the phone and try Vrouwenmassage. William came, I had a gorgeous time with him that evening and many evenings after that ...