Hi there! I am William. Around and about fifty years old. I m a muscled guy: strong arms, strong legs. 

For years I have worked as an external advisor for non-profit organizations: analyzing, writing reports, going to meetings with men in striped suits. I enjoyed it, but since a few years I miss working with real people and their feelings. Categories, with and without partners, ill, handicapped and healthy, are critical about their looks and insecure about themselves.

Many women also find it difficult to still their hunger for real intimacy and sensuality which is way different from having sex. With Vrouwenmassage I want to give woman a positive feeling about their body and a valuable intimate experience. Let s meet! I like to meet new people, listen to them, be there for them. Also I enjoy it when I can make other people experience and enjoy their body. It occurred to me that many women, in all age.

Customers that are satisfied

As an expat I felt pretty lonely. The Dutch are nice enough, but it takes time to get settled in. Besides, Amersfoort is not the most exciting city of the world. After three months I decided to pick up the phone and try Vrouwenmassage. William came, I had a gorgeous time with him that evening and many evenings after that ...